I'm a dad, 5 times over.

When people find out I have five kids they fall in to a few different camps:

1) Wow how do you do that? 2) Good Start.

We're squarely in the “big family” category but not quite “mormon.”

I've got some pat answers in my pocket to help assuage whatever emotions are sure to come up. And I'm ready to deal with any of the standard judgement that comes along.

Here's one for you

“You know, one kid is just as hard as five... if you're a devoted parent. Devoted parents give all they've got. So if you've got one kid, you're giving it all, and if you have 5 kids you're giving it all. You can only be so tired at the end of the day.”

Being a dad of 5 has given me a bit of perspective. I thought I had perspective when I only had one kid, and I imagine in 10 years, I'll look back at me now, all full of hubris, and laugh.

So it goes.

To those who come after: good luck.

To those who have forged ahead: I'll be there soon :–)