Do More

The secret to marital happiness lies in this post.

There's a paradox here. If both partners are doing the same amount of work, they will each feel like they are doing more than the other.

Why? Because you know every little thing that you do, but it's impossible to recognize everything that your partner does. And even if you did, you wouldn't value it the same way.

You, almost by definition, do the things that matter to you most. And so does your partner.

And herein lies the rub, even if both partners are doing the same amount, it will feel like the the other is doing less, and less important work.

So that sucks.

The only way to escape is to make it your goal to do more than your partner. And ideally have them approach the same goal!

Once you have mastered this, and gotten beyond using it as an excuse to do less, you can just the true secret. Once you are both trying to do more than each other, be able to afford a house cleaner. And hire one. There. That's the secret.